Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The NecroMac

A friend and I Mod Macs, in layman's terms that means we paint them and add stuff to them to make them look different, last year we entered a contest for Mac Mods. We didn't win but our computer got enough attention that the website took it to Mac World (the big Mac convention). At Mac World it caught the attention of Mac World Magazine and to make a long story short our computer is part of a two-page article about Mac Modding.

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While your there also click on the link for That's our website. Where there are more pictures of the NecroMac.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jay and Silent Bob

Around four years ago before Kevin Smith had an exclusive contract with Marvel, he was putting out some comics at Image based on his New Jersey characters.
During that time Wizard had a contest where a creator would make a two-page comic based on characters from this universe and the winner would have their story published in a Clerks comic book.
I submitted two stories.
Shortly there after Kevin signed an exclusive contract with Marvel and I never heard anything about the contest or more Clerks comics again.
My comics' chops were fairly undeveloped at this time so these comics are a bit rough around the edges. I submit them here for your amusement.
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The Japanese in this story was translated by my classmate and to my knowledge is completely correct.
The un-translated parts are...
"Help us Super Amazing Robo Blunt Boy"
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This one I threw together because the deadline wasn't up and I wanted to do another.
Professor Incognito is a character from a short film I did about robots called "The Creations of Man" and his line is a reference to the Clerks cartoon. Whenever Randal and Dante would defeat the "villain" Leonardo Leonardo he would say "Well Played Clerks."

Crumb Snatchers

My girlfriend, Stephanie, is writing some short one or two page stories for me, titled Crumb Snatchers.
They are whimsical tales of the adventures of some children and mischievous animals.
I'm trying out a more cartoony style for it.
Here are my first character sketches.
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Here is some unfinished art for the first story.
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Space Barbarian

Since his death I've been thinking about Alex Toth a lot.
I got the idea of wanting to do a comic like the old Hanna Barberra cartoons that Alex Toth was integral in designing, but with art like the brilliant designs Toth did.
This is the first page of sketches that I've done for that.
I'm not sure what the name of the hero will be but he will be a "Space Barbarian". He is the figure with the long black hair and mask.
The boy and girl with the similar neck adornment are his two adopted children.
The other more developed figure is an unnamed villain.
I need to create a large assistant to the "Space Barbarian" possibly a creature or robot and hench-men for the villain.
Then of course come up with a story.
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