Monday, July 16, 2007


I've been experimenting with some new coloring techniques in PhotShop and this what I've worked on so far.

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Strip 3

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Strip 3

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Strip 3

These are some of the techniques

For these I've been separating the line art by selecting all the black and then filling it in on a layer above the drawing (and lock that layer). For a lot of things I duplicate the layer and just switch it to multiply, but I can't use the technique for filling in the lines with color that way.

I then go back to the first layer
Lately I have been putting my flat colors in using plug-ins for Photoshop called MultiFill and Flatten they can be found here
I convert the file to RGB
And then use the MultiFill filter on the first layer. This fills all the white space with random colors. I then go through and close-up and separate any parts that are separate but have the same color and sometimes I make things I want white, white again.
I then use the Flatten filter. This takes the layer and removes the majority of the black and makes the colors larger lumps, eliminating the halo you sometimes get around colored parts.
Then it is just a matter of going through the layer and changing the colors to the ones you want.

To color in the line art:
I create a layer above my line art
Now I am going to make this a clipping area for my line art
On a Mac you hold down the Option key on a PC you hold down the Alt key
While holding the proper key down I place the cursor arrow on the line in-between the two layers.
When I click on it the top layer will move to the left slightly.
Now when you draw on that layer the color only shows up where the line art is.

I've then been trying to use the brush tool as more of a brush to create the shapes of the face. This is less something I can explain and more something I just worked on.
I mainly just use the main fuzzy edged brush at different opacities and different widths. Often I try to eliminate bleed by selecting the background color I'm going to work on.

These are some sites that helped get me to some of these techniques.


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